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As a reflexion of the Information and Communication Society, the University of Valencia has taken on the new era, with the intention of integrating the new audiovisual formats in the areas of research, teaching and the popularization of science. The University Audiovisual Productions Centre was already created in 1991, with the aim of producing educational videos on some lines of research. Later, with the introduction of Degrees in Audiovisual Comunication and Journalism, the Audiovisual Productions Centre would become the Audiovisual Workshop: a more competent university service, better prepared to respond to the new educational needs arising with the new degrees in the field of communication.

Currently, the Audiovisual Workshop, has consolidated itself as audiovisual centre with a wide host of activities, such as education, the audiovisual services in general, the production and broadcasting of audiovisual content made in the university, the management and digitalization of our universities audiovisual files, or the production of documentaries for the popularization of science developed from research projects through collaboration agreements with entities or institutions.

The objectives of the Audiovisual Workshop are the following:

  • Provide support services for the purposes of teaching in regard to the new official degrees in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism.
  • Integrate the use of new technologies in audiovisual production so as to improve its performance and use, which involves the use and shared management of some technologies and human resources in the centre.
  • Digitalize and file audiovisual content (photographs, audio, video) belonging to the University of Valencia, so as to offer our services to the main users of the collection of audiovisual documents.Produce educational audiovisual content to offer support to the university teaching department.
  • Offer audiovisual support to the university teaching community, so as to guarantee the audiovisual and photographic documentation of those institutional ceremonies, solemn or of an educational or cultural nature, when it is seen fit.
  • Develop and design audiovisual content of a scientific o cultural nature, in accordance with the needs of the different university departments, or to complement collaboration agreements with institutions or public companies.
  • Promote professional audiovisual education in Valencia, through the signing of agreements with audiovisual companies in Valencia, and other competent administrations or institutions which have authority in the field of audiovisual communication.  
  • Broadcast the audiovisual content and products of the University of Valencia, via the portal, MediaUni, and other means accessible through the Web.
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96 398 32 59
FAX 96 386 43 06
· MANAGEMENT: 96 398 32 59
· MEDIAUNI: 96 162 53 72
96 398 36 29
· PROJECTS: 96 398 36 27
· TEACHING LABS: 96 382 87 59
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RECEPTION: 96 398 31 49


Management Miquel Francés Domènec 83259
Mediauni coordination Àlvar Peris Blanes 25416
Administration Mar Vera Gamborino 25444
Administration Josep Iñigo Greus 83259
Audiovisual advanced technician Pep Pelechà i Pons 83629
Audiovisual official José Pelegrín Montan Montesinos
Audiovisual official Lluis Castellano Aleixandre  25373
Audiovisual official Miguel Angel García Santaemilia 25372
Audiovisual official Carlos Isach Cardos 83629
Audiovisual official Vicent Pla i Bas  83259 
Audiovisual official Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Vivar  83629
Audiovisual official Jorge Ruiz Cantero  83259
Audiovisual official Patricia Souto Abelleira 28759
Audiovisual official Elisabeth Valadez Saucedo 83259
Audiovisual official José Vicente Viadel Martínez 83259